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"Creating the Original Memory Bears for Future Generations since 2004"™

"When a loved one becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure"   (Author Unknown)

Featured artist in "Teddy Bear and Friends" magazine 2012, 2014  and  2016 "

Memory Bear made by the talented and artistic Ruth K BlackwellRuth Blackwell: Contact Me
1004 Yacht Ct. New Bern, NC 28560

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 Memory Bears come with a special poem tag attached to their ear.

Terms of Sale

Please read before completing your order. By checking the box in the order form you are agreeing to the terms of the sale as set forth on this website. This is a legal and binding contract.

I do not take returns as these products are all Custom Made to Order from your supplied clothing UNLESS I have made a mistake in filling your order. I do not give refunds on any Custom Order. So please choose your items carefully.

I will however make repairs if the item comes apart under NORMAL use. Please keep in mind that I do the best job possible with the items you supply me but occasionally a seam will come loose no matter how many times I check them. I cannot make something hold up if the fabric you send me is falling apart. So choose your fabrics carefully as the end result is only as good as the materials used.

 I do stand behind my work but I cannot guarantee your fabrics. If you need to return something for repair you will be responsible for the shipping AND insurance to me. If you return an item without insurance and it is lost then I am not responsible for the item. Please note if the repair needed is from your negligence and not something that I did wrong then there will be a charge for the repair and the the return shipping to you. I will contact you with the amounts before beginning work if this is the case. If the repair is from my negligence then I will do the repair and the return shipping for Free as that is only fair. I do not however refund any shipping charges you incur sending an item to me.

You also understand that due to the nature of Memory Bears and Quilts that I cannot guarantee the safety of the fabrics used (such as flame retardant) as most of the fabrics involved are vintage. If you are using this as a Baby Quilt or other item then you are taking the responsibility in the use of the Quilt or Bear due to the nature of the vintage items used. These products are made from YOUR supplied clothing the only thing I am adding is the stuffing (which is approved in all uses) and safety eyes and noses where applicable. I do not recommend that any of the Memory items be used for children under the age of 12 due to the vintage nature of the fabrics and vintage embellishments that may have been used.

Buyers Remorse is NOT a valid reason for a return and NO REFUND will be given. Please be sure of your choices as refunds are not given due to the Handmade nature of these products on this website.

If you are totally unhappy with what you have purchased please contact me and we will see what we can work out. As I do not want you to be unhappy but in the same note I cannot afford to refund money just because you change your mind. Please make sure you know exactly what you are ordering. If you are unsure please call me at 1-740-506-2669 and ask questions first. I would rather answer 1001 questions then to have you not understand this service and what you can expect to receive for your money and your memories.

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