Memorial Teddy Bears and More by Ruth

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"Creating the Original Memory Bears for Future Generations since 2004"™

"When a loved one becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure"   (Author Unknown)

Featured artist in "Teddy Bear and Friends" magazine 2012, 2014  and  2016 "

Memory Bear made by the talented and artistic Ruth K BlackwellRuth Blackwell: Contact Me
1004 Yacht Ct. New Bern, NC 28560

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 Memory Bears come with a special poem tag attached to their ear.


Here you will find a link and some information about all of your products. To find more information and to order please follow the links.

Memory Bear 12 inch SEATED - pricing start at $35.95 12 inch memory teddy bear pinks and purples

Memory Bear 15 inch - pricing start at $60.95 15 inch memory teddy bear made from various fabrics

Memory Bear 16 inch - pricing start at $55.95 16 in memory teddy bear

Memory Bear 17 inch -prices start at $65.95 17 inch memory teddy bear

Memory Bear 21 inch - pricing start at $75.95  teddy bear handmade

Memory Bear 24 inch - prices start at $85.95 24 inch bear done in patchwork style

Memory Bear 28 inch - prices start at $95.95 28 inch memorial teddy bear

Mink Memory Bear 15 inch - prices start at $90.95 15 inch fully jointed real fur memory bear

Mink Memory Bear 17 inch - prices start at $95.95  mink memory bears 17 inch fully jointed

Memorial Teddy Bear (zippered back) - prices start at $60.95 memorial teddy bears

Keepsake Memory Bear - prices start at $ 90.95  keepsake memory bears made from faux fur

Necktie Memory Bears - prices start at $70.95 fully jointed bear made from neck ties

Gift Certificates - available in $50, $75 and $100 gift certificates available


Baby Quilt - pricing starts at $130.95 baby quilt made from grandma's shirts

Lap Size Quilt -pricing starts at $150.95 memory lap quilt made from clothing

Twin, Full, Queen and King Memory Quilts - Pricing starts at $350 twin, full, queen and king memory quilts made from your supplied clothing

T-Shirt Quilt - pricing starts at $175.95 quilt made using Harley T-Shirts

Quilt made from Ties - pricing starts at $250.95 memory lap quilt made from ties

Memory Pillows - pricing starts at $40.95 memory pillow made from jean jacket

Memory Critters:

Cat Memory Critter - pricing starts at $35.95 kitty cat memory critter

Dog - pricing starts at $35.95 puppy memory critter

Hippo - Hippopotamus - pricing starts at $35.95
hippo pictures

Denim Jean Purse - $29.95     denim purse made from recycled jeans

If you have an idea that you want turned into a Memory Product let me know as I do custom work.

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