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"Creating the Original Memory Bears for Future Generations since 2004"™

"When a loved one becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure"   (Author Unknown)

Featured artist in "Teddy Bear and Friends" magazine 2012, 2014  and  2016 "

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Memory Bear made by the talented and artistic Ruth K BlackwellRuth Blackwell: Contact Me
1004 Yacht Ct. New Bern, NC 28560

"Phantom of the Opera Bear" and other Heirloom - Collectible bears go to "Luvy's Bears"

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 Memory Bears come with a special poem tag attached to their ear.

Necktie Memory Bears

Memory Bears made from Neckties. Necktie Memory Bears made from your supplied neckties are 15 inch or 17 inch fully jointed bears $70.95 -  
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Add Picture? Pictures on Fully Jointed Bears will be on the left side of the bear's chest as a heart.

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Necktie Memory Bears are a great way to recycle all those Neckties that are just hanging around but you just cannot bear to part with. Turn it into a Memory Bear!

Necktie Memory Bears are 15 or 17 inch fully jointed (head, arms and legs move) I need at least 6 ties to make a memory bear.

Necktie Memory Bears can be customized by adding embroidery, pictures and glasses.

We suggest using the smaller 15 inch bear for "girl" bears and the 17 inch bear for "boy" bears.

Looking for the Original Memory Bear, 15 inch Jointed Memory Bear, 17 inch Jointed Memory Bear, Keepsake Memory Bears, Mink Memory Bears, Memory Pillows, Memory Quilts.

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