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"Creating the Original Memory Bears for Future Generations since 2004"™

"When a loved one becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure"   (Author Unknown)

Featured artist in "Teddy Bear and Friends" magazine 2012, 2014  and  2016 "

Memory Bear made by the talented and artistic Ruth K BlackwellRuth Blackwell: Contact Me
1004 Yacht Ct. New Bern, NC 28560

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 Memory Bears come with a special poem tag attached to their ear.

About Me

Here you will find information about me and my companies.

picture of Ruth Blackwell, owner and artist

My name is Ruth Blackwell and I am the owner and creator of Memorial Teddy Bears and More by Ruth which is a Division of Luvy's  Bears (formerly Luvy Bear Soaps and Scentsations). I am a home based business located in New Bern, North Carolina. My favorite pastime is to revive antiquesof all kinds (sewing machines included) and sew on my 1909 Wilcox and Gibbs Chain stitch Treadle sewing

. Many people ask me why I enjoy my treadle over electric and wouldn't it be faster if I used a new machine. NO - I can honestly sew faster with a treadle (it's what I learned to sew on as a young child) than I can with an electric machine (I make mistakes easier with the electric machine and they just can't handle some of the fabrics that I sew with such as furs and heavy jeans). I do use an electric machine to sew with as well. Just depends on my mood and what the fabric says it likes.

I love the sound of the Treadle it is very relaxing. I have several antique machines including hand cranks and they all work and all are loved. At a later time I will add pictures of my "girls" and some of the stories behind them.

My oldest grandson (Noah) has captured my love of the treadle and has made things for his family on the W & G. It is his favorite to use. He has to know every part and how it works. Maybe someday he will take over the business.

I have been selling my other bears since 2001 (see my Luvy's Bears site - formerly Luvy Bear Soaps and Scentsations) to see my original heirloom bear creations and to order regular Teddy Bears - maybe even have one designed especially for you. I have been sewing for over 50 years and have made everything from everyday clothing to designing prom dresses for my daughters so you can feel confident that I know what I'm doing.

I started making my original Memory Bears in 2004 after the loss of our youngest granddaughter. I have met many many wonderful people over the years and have added many memory bears to my family as each and every bear I make has a special place in my heart as well as all of the families I have made them for. I have pictures of every bear that I make. Please understand that not all of the bear pictures make it to the website at the request of the customer.

I have laughed and cried with many of my customers and feel very blessed every time I have been chosen to create a bear for someone as this is not just a job to me but a passion. I want each and every customer to feel comfortable with their decision to have me make their bear, pillows and quilts. You may find others who make bears maybe more expensive maybe less expensive but you will not find anyone who will be more careful with your memories or work harder to make your bear be exactly what you want it to be. I understand fully what a void these huggable bears, pillows and quilts do to fill the void in our lives from lost love ones.

I hope that as the years go on that I will be able to help many people thru their grief with their bears and their stories and bears on this site will be a further tribute to the loved ones that have been lost and also as a tribute to life for the Memory Bears that are made to remember a special event (such as a Graduation, Wedding, Baptism, etc.).

I do ask that anyone who reads the pages of this site or looks at the pictures to respect my customers and their families as well as my works and not copy the pictures or stories etc. for any purposes as to do so is strictly forbidden and all copyrights are reserved. As you will find others who have used my ideas etc.

Please feel free to Contact Ruth if you have any questions

Picture of Ruth aka Luvy Bear owner and creator of Memorial Bears and More by Ruth and her husband CraigMemorial Bears and More by Ruth

1004 Yacht Ct. -- New Bern NC 28560

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